Monday, May 21, 2012

Gifts from God

Today as I have been checking on my big beautiful plum trees that are close to being ready for jam, I think about my Mamaw Lollie, that taught me how to make jams and jellies. We would spend lots of time together in her kitchen and the love that she gave in teaching me, is such a warm and comforting presence, when I make jam. She was a gift from God. I'm also very thankful at this time, every year, for my home. I also wish my Mamaw Annie could see it and these plum trees. She would want a jelly cake for sure! I got a phone call  from a friend and he said there was a phone number on a sign out front of this place. He had no idea the details. Little did I know what an amazing Gift was about to come my way...
I called the number and the deal was...It was a repo double wide mobile home, 6 months old, on 2 acres of land. The mobile home was only 6 months old and the land is on 16th Section and is leased. Which means that I only have to pay a lease every year and its cheap. The mobile home was $20k less than when bought 6 months earlier (I got a copy of the papers) and I got a new lease for 40 years. Take it as is and I did...THAT day. You see, I was a single Mom (with Crohn's Disease) of a teenager that had been raised on 65 acres of land and we had moved to an apartment due to a 26 yr failed marriage. I desperately needed to get my son out of the apartments. All he had ever known was lots of room and he was a country boy...not to mention a teenager!!! He said to me as we looked at the place, "Whats the magic word?" I didn't get what he meant, so he said, "We'll take it!" At that moment and every moment since then, I knew this was a gift from God. He just dropped it in my lap, so to speak. I never doubted the gift for a second and still tell everyone that I can. I have been here 8 years, have paid it off and still feel so very blessed. I do feel sorry for the people that had to lose their home and I feel a little guilty at times to be enjoying it. I love it so much! Its very secluded and 5 minutes from town, albeit a small town.
Be good to each other and say your prayers.
Love & Peace,

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