Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baseball String Bracelet


 After I found this tutorial Baseball String Bracelet on how to cut a baseball and make a bracelet from it, I was so happy! 2 days later...I had my very own. I added a bit of bling to mine because I didn't like the naked strings. I added some rolled paper beads from scrapbook paper and put a coat of clear nail polish on them. I also added some clear and red Czech beads and finished it up with 2- 1/2" charms that I added some Yankee images to. I simply copied them to Word and reduced them to 1/2" and cut carefully. I glued them in with double sided  tape and then added a drop of clear nail polish and spread it around and repeated that the next day. I love it so much!!!
 The only thing I did different was, after I got the seam cut completely out, I cut it and soaked it in water and stretched it and worked with it to get it straight. It worked! I tell ya...it's no easy feat taking the baseball apart because it is glued like, somebody may try to rip it off. I bet they never thought a female would rip it apart and make jewelry. It's worth the work so, give it a try!
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