Tuesday, July 3, 2012

$5 Wedding Craft Challenge

This started with a $1 solar light that I bought at the Dollar Tree. I bought it simply to see how well it worked or IF it worked. My Grand daughter picked it up one night when we were sitting outside and said it was her Princess wand. I instantly knew what I wanted to enter into the $5 Wedding Craft Challenge.

Supplies and instructions after the jump.

Solar Light $1
Oval and round rhinestones $1, used less than 1/2, but we will say 50 cents
1/2" white satin ribbon $1, used 1/2, so 50 cents
1/4" white picot ribbon $1, used maybe 1/3, so we will say 35cents
White curly ribbon $1, used less than 1/2, so we will 50cents
Small white flowers $1, used 1/2, so we will say 50 cents
Hot glue...on hand
White felt...on hand

First I wrapped the stem or stick part, in white satin ribbon and hot glued it to it's self. I then wrapped white felt around the top and hot glued it to it's self. I used felt to be sure the stones adhered well. I then hot glued oval rhinestones around the top and filled in the spaces with round stones. Next I simply tied white satin, picot and curly ribbon under the light globe and tied them in a knot. I then made a bow with the tulle and glued it onto the ribbons, where they were tied. I hot glued small white flowers over the knot of the tulle. I finished it by hot gluing a few flowers and rhinestones to a few of the streamers. For $3.35 I think it's a WOW! I believe you could make 3 of these for $5.35. They put off a really cool design on a table or the ground. Now...about that princess wand, oh yes, the ideas are coming in at lightening speed. I hope y'all enjoy looking and make your own. It took less than an hour.

The glow is so much prettier in "real life".



  1. Cute. I wish my little girl was old enough to enjoy a princess wand!

  2. She will be, before you know it @Love2Dream, so you keep this handy and you can make her one. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Very Cute Idea! I have a 3 month old Granddaughter so I am going to save this in my Favorite places and make her one for her room! Thanks!

  4. Thank you Beth! I'm going to de-wedding this one and make a kicked up Princess Wand. My Grand Daughters 3rd birthday is next month and I'm thinking about making some for the little girls at the party as favors. I will be sure and post it to show how these little $1 lights can be used for something other than their original purpose. She is the first girl in the family in 47 yrs and it's fun getting to do the "girl thing".

  5. Thanks for entering the $5 challenge!

  6. Thank you Heather @DollarStoreCrafts.com for having the challenge. It was fun and right up my alley.